The brand new iPhone 6 wallets are in, and they include some smart new features.
The ultra-slim design measures only 13mm thick including the iPhone. In my opinion this was the only way to go, because the iPhone 6 is so big as it is! Also, I decided there should be an option without the classic rubber closing band, for people who don’t use it anyway. The included aluminium mounting is firmly attached to the leather cover with micro-suction tape, for easy removal and reattachment at all times, for example to use in your carkit. The MS tape can catch some dirt after a while, but if you clean it with the sticky side of duct tape or a wet towel, it will work like a charm again.
Should you be a dropper-of-things, and you are afraid the aluminium mounting isn’t going to cut it, there is always the option to replace it with a bumper, which covers the edges of the iPhone more. Any smooth surface will stick to the MS tape, so you can customize your cover according to your personal safety requirements. Take a look at the colours in the shop, this is the best iPhone wallet so far!